9 November, 2016. 11:34

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

CLINTON AIDES SWARMED to Bill’s side earlier tonight as he slumped forward in his seat and vomited all over his shoes.

Cameras then observed the former president’s eyes roll back into his head and a gurgling noise was heard as he tried to swallow his tongue.

Moments before the medical emergency, the 70-year-old was seen smoking a cigarette with Bon Jovi drummer, Tico Torres.

However, Torres later confirmed to doctors that the cigarette was, indeed, a marijuana cigarette.

NYPD and DEA officers have since placed Torres under arrest for possession and supply of a banned substance. He’ll also be required to pay damages should he be convinced.

The former president battled his marijuana demons for most of his political career, after publically stating for the record that he ‘puffed, but did not inhale’ on a joint while in college.

Clinton is being treated by doctors and paramedics at the scene, who are reassuring him that he’s not dying and that the false euphoria he’s feeling now will soon be over.



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