10 November, 2016. 11:34

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AN INCH OF SNOW blanketed Betoota for the first time in recorded history today.

A severe weather alert has been issued by the Diamantina Shire Council to drivers as the first significant snow of winter fell across a large swathe of the Simpson Desert, Channel Country and much of the interior.

High-level routes via Windorah were hit by the wave of snow which swept across the west of the region from Wednesday evening.

Authorities took to social media to warn of difficult conditions from Birdsville, through the Quilpie flats to Jundah.

“Oddly enough, this isn’t the strangest news event of the past 24 hours,” wrote Shire social media manager, Wendy Constantine.

“No roads are closed at this stage, but yes folks, snow has fallen in Betoota. Whether it’s a freak occurrence, “global warming”, or climate change, we’re not sure.”

Queensland Police issued a yellow ‘Be Aware’ warning for much of the west of Windorah, the north-eastern tip of South Australia, parts of the Channel Country and North East of Cordillo, which was due to expire mid-morning on Friday.

More to come. 


  1. “……the first significant snow of winter……”

    I thought you antipodean cunts were enjoying Spring right now? You know, it bein’ almost two months after what y’all call, erroneously I might add, the Vernal Equinox and all.

    I think the yellow ‘Be Aware’ alert refers to the dromedary and its propensity to void its bladder at will.
    If Frank Zappa has taught us anything it’s, “Watch out where those camels go. Don’t you eat that yellow snow.”

  2. And another thing – did you hayseeds goof off in ornithology?. Lyrebirds inhabit densely-forested eucalyptus gullies. You might be able to fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time.

  3. High-level routes to Windorah?. What, 6 inches above sea level?. Change your name to Goebells and send your resume to the New World Order.


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