A little known fact relating to the rapidly growing population of greater South-East Queensland is that there actually is a vague community of people on the Gold Coast who aren’t just visiting.

Even weirder, some of these people don’t even live on the beach. Meaning there must be a number of houses in suburbs that connect to the Surfer’s Paradise.

As of the 2016 census, the population of the Gold Coast was 638,090, but many town planners and growth analysts believe that roughly 92% of these people are transient holidayers who are in town for one of the many exciting events that take over the city – from the Indy to the Commonwealth Games to Schoolies Week.

Gold Coast mayor, Tom Tate says he believes the permanent population would be closer to 51,000.

“Up until the early 2000s, the only people that lived here full time was me and my family and the people in the Big Brother House. That and a few retirees that owned apartments full-time and had decided to stop renting them”

With the Commonwealth Games set to take the region by storm when they kick off next month, the growing population of the Gold Coast are hoping that there will be enough traffic on the M1 for people to get a good look at the place and think about possibly moving there.



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