Anthony Albanese MP has today appeared on Sky News wearing some tidy new little Italian threads that were given to him as a gift by some close friends in the Riverina today.

Dressed like a prohibition-era Chicago moonshining baron, Albo spoke highly of the precision of a Griffith-based tailor named Enzo.

“Look at the hems, mate. You just don’t get this kind of intricacies in the cities”

The Former Deputy PM was quick to point out that, despite his newly declared opposition to regulating the fruit and waste management industries, his new suit is nothing for the AFP or even ICAC to be concerned about.

Speaking to David Speers, Albanese insisted that by accepting the gift he had done nothing corrupt, believing that his gifts had been within the norms of rural Italian mateship from an earlier era.

“I don’t expect a skippy like you to understand the etiquette we mediterranean-Australians like to show one another” he said.

“Even me and Bernardi show a mutual level of politeness to each other. Our people were writing syllabus while you skips were hanging in trees mate”

Albo people who are going to make a big deal about his suit actually might have another agenda, one that dates back to post-war migration.

“You are seriously going to single out every person of Italian descent that leaves Griffith wearing a suit that makes them look like a 1970s casino owner?”

“Sounds a little bit like anti-Italian prejudice to me, David”

“Go home and get your fucking shinebox”



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