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Machu Picchu. Constantinople. Melbourne.

Once these three megatropolis’s were held up as great empires, but now that time is no more.

Having been a student of these cities, and lived in at least two of them, I am now well versed in the rise and fall of each, I can confirm this with certainty.

If Nero truly did play the fiddle while Rome burnt (as the left so incessantly claim) then even he would be surprised by the complete lack of action from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, who can’t even bother thumbing us a tune while the Victorian economy burns like the summer bushfires that Richard Di Natale started.

The latest scandal in the political fecal storm coming out of the southern communist dystopia is that “Dan Andrews” doesn’t even take the time to read death threats sent to him from the average voter.

Well Dan, while you’ve been “busy” containing a “deadly virus” your voters have been suffering under the oppressive regime you have opposed upon them just to save their “lives.”

I ask you “Mr Premier,” what gives you the right to ignore the heartfelt death threats that your average voters have taken the time out of their busy COVID-19 schedules to share with you?

And don’t go saying something stupid like you are looking out for the welfare of your citizens, how about having the cajones to admit the millions of share portfolios rest at your feet which appear to sit on a growing stack of hate mail you refuse to acknowledge.

Just tell us the fair dinkum.

Hooly-dooley, honest to goodness truth; you are out of touch.

Did you not even consider for a second that at least one of the thousands of death threats you deserved to receive could have been from someone who may have an alternative to your draconian internment laws?

If their life was so worth saving, then please explain to us how their death threat is not worth readingm because I’ve been thinking about it for three weeks pal and honestly, I’m stumped.


ANTHONY SOCKET is a 65-year-old reporter who lives between his house in Betoota Grove and his ‘southern base’ in the North Shore of Sydney. Once an up and coming newspaper editor, he rose all the way to the top as editor of the Townsville Bulletin, before he took a job as Head of Comms for the Adani Group. After being exposed to the very real hysteria and sensationalism of woke cancel culture, Socket knows all too well about how the regressive leftists are willing to ruin someone’s career over a simple compliment at a staff Christmas Party. He now occassionally writes an opinion article for the Betoota Advocate, which is located in the centre of the print edition of our newspaper, which means the average bloke who reads from the back page is exposed to his whimsical musings well before they reach the day’s news.


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