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Vaccination skeptic and children rights activist, Magnolia Smithers became a household earlier this year, after comments she made surrounding her opposition to the concept of surf lifesaving at Australian beaches were published by the Daily Telegraph.

Magnolia and her daughter Aquila. The faces of A.V.O (Anti-Vaxxers Organise).
Magnolia and her daughter Aquila. The faces of A.V.O (Anti-Vaxxers Organise).


Well, Magnolia is back in the headlines again.

This time it is to announce that her controversial political group is making a move on Canberra, with an official political party.

Anti-Vaxxers Organise will be no longer be just another skeptics group, but now a fully recognised political movement – at both state and federal level.

“I thinks it’s time that we weren’t lead by the sheep,” Magnolia told the Advocate in an email this morning.

“I mean, the rest of the population have no problem with running around like livestock. But we, the thinkers, the skeptics – we would prefer a leader that is willing to look at the truth,”

Magnolia and her child play on an unpatrolled beach
Magnolia and her child play on an unpatrolled beach near their hometown of Lismore.

Magnolia and her husband Banjo have today released the “A.V.O – 20 points of priority”a detailed mission statement for the party.

The document, which can be seen below, was emailed to all mainstream newspapers, radios and television news teams – as well us state and federal members.

Magnolia and the Anti-Vaxxers Organise have made it clear that they have a following in the tens of thousands, right across Australia.

CAUTION: The Advocate warns that some people may be offended by the “A.V.O 20 points of priority”.

This document is only the opinion of the particular group in question, and not of our publication.


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A.V.O – 20 Points Of Priority

In a country that refuses to legalise medicines that citizens are able to grown in their own backyards, it became apparent that our government, and governments all across the western world were deciding upon themselves how healthy we should be.

Our organization adheres to the studies of English surgeon and acclaimed medical researcher Andrew Jeremy Wakefield who’s 1998 research paper revealed the link between the administration of an array of “mandatory” vaccines, and the appearance of autism and many other diseases so common in the western world. Wakefield was discredited by governments and silenced by his peers who became aware that his findings would result in the loss of money.

However, we, his followers, were not silenced.

Our members pay $200 each month to fund our newsletters and the AVO campaign against state-sanctioned autism.

With over 20,000 members in North-NSW alone, and hundreds more from around Australia joining each week. It is only a matter of time until the powers that be take notice.

The work of AVO is not limited to our campaigns against vaccinations, either. We also have spent tireless hours fighting the government’s fluoridation of drinking water, the monopoly held by lifesavers on our beautiful beaches and many other government enforced oppressions.

Magnolia and her daughter also feature on the A.V.O political party flag
Magnolia and her daughter also feature on the A.V.O political party flag


  • The AVO will continue to campaign for a ban on the vaccinations on all Australian kids
  • The AVO will continue to lobby our politicians, celebrities and sportsmen to continue promoting the anti-Vaccine agenda.
  • We will lobby local, state and federal government to provide insentives for families who’s children fall sick as a result of chosing not to receive state-sanctioned vaccines.
  • Our organersation will continue to protest the manditory patrolling of Australian beaches by the state-sanctioned Surf Livesavers as well as crossing monitors at our local schools
  • AVO will push the Federal Government for a commitment to the use of some part of the Future Fund for the creation of a national development corporation aimed at lending/investing to research for alternative medicines that rule out the use of vaccines.
  • Our organization will lobby for a return of recreateonal freedoms enabling an increased access to traditional pursuits of fishing, camping and outdoor sports and activities. Many of which have been outlawed and thus affect our childrens’ immune systems by not allowing them to be exposed to nature.
  • The AVO 100% support the legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes, and as an alternative to state-sanctioned vaccines, which cause ortism.
  • The AVO push for help overcome the stress and financial burden placed upon marijuana users in the form of, for example, government-provided solar hot water systems and/or other measures to reduce the money problems on our older generation caused by rapidly escalating costs for rates, electricity, insurances, car registration and other similar charges.
  • The AVO support the removal of the tax on Australian-produced bio-fuels and the introduction of a statutory 10 per cent bio-fuel (ethanol) content in all petrol rising to 22 per cent (as in Brazil).
  • AVO support a family policy that includes equal rates of government-funded parental assistance for parents who choose not to work.
  • The two chain oligopoly – market concentration – in the Australian food retailing sector to be addressed. Limit each town and city to only one Woolworths or Coles shopping centre.
  • Provide education in public schools surrounding the danger of vaccinations
  • Re-introduce the works of Andrew Jeremy Wakefield to every primary school, high school and university curriculum.
  • Ideally, the AVO aims to create the AVP “Anti-Vaccines Party” and garner support at a state-level in NSW
  • Expose the truth behind both the Iraq War and the Afghanistani War, lobby for an Australian enquiry into 9/11 – and similar world events that result in wars and “plagues”.
  • Push for a 7th Australian state, separate of both QLD and NSW but including the great tweed and northern NSW hinterland, for progressive Australian citizens
  • Re-instate welfare benefits for the children of anti-vaxxers and the anti-vaxxers themselves
  • Support the push for live music in Byron and to restrict tourists and musical festivals coming in and crowded our pubs with DJs
  • Provide “vaccine-free” schools and childcare centres for children who’s parents chose to expose them to a natural lifestyle.
  • Create jobs in northern new-south wales in the area of anti-vaccination research.


“I choose not to vaccinate my children because I don’t believe in state-sanctioned illness, Magnolia and the AVO have saved my family” – Kirra Chapple, Lismore

“AVO have provided me with the necessary information to make an informed decision about my child’s future. Never again will I let a politician give me medical advice” – Sarah Prizeman, Coffs Harbour

“The AVO movement is one that I am happy to be a member of, my children will never be exposed to the rubbish forced upon us by governments past and present” – Tim Ambrosini, Lismore

“The weekly newsletter and the voice that AVO has provided me with is well worth the money. Before them I had to read up on this stuff alone. I am a BIG supporter on removing mandatory vaccinations. F**k the patriarchy” – – Amy Irvine, Tweed Heads

“Magnolia and her family are shining beacons of what a healthy family can look like without vaccinations. I hope my unborn son grows to be as healthy as her kids, And I don’t doubt he will, Vaccination-free. – Lara Stambe,  Kempsey

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  1. All hail the false god of freedom of choice. The government are oppressing me by mandating that I don’t drive drunk – it’s my choice and I should be free to get behind the wheel when out of my skull. And I should also not have to have insurance if I don’t want it. So what f a few people get run down and killed? That’s the price of my freedom.


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