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REGISTERED MEMBERS OF the One Nation Party are today enjoying the only day of the year it’s legal for them to consume Turkish food.

The right-wing organisation says it allows its members to eat ethnic food on ANZAC Day as a mark of respect toward our former foe.

Kebabs have been enjoyed by heavily intoxicated and mercilessly hungover Australians for decades, but the delightful Turkish meat roll has been banned under most One Nation charter – effectively banning its members from eating them.

Other food stuffs outlawed by the neo-conservative group include sushi, Yum-Cha-style Chinese and other predominantly Asian cuisines.

Federal senator and national leader of One Nation Pauline Hanson says while the kebab was a nice treat, it worries her to learn that many othher young Australian men and women eat these things quite regularly when they are pissed.

“Not sure how I feel about that”

“This is Australia, we eat corned beef and sausages. What’s this lamb thing all about. It’s the PC thought police at it again, making sure we all eat different cuisines that taste nice and are interesting.

As someone who cares so vehemently about Australian history and culture, it is quite clear that Pauline would prefer we eat food that isn’t from the middle-east, and more aligned with her ideas of who we are as a nation.

“Turkish food should only be enjoyed in commemoration of us winning the war in Galipolli against Winston Churchill”



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