A prominent consumer advocacy group has spoken out against the gross misconduct by Cadbury today, half a decade after the British multinational confectionery discontinued the production of their iconic Marble Chocolate range.

A spokesman for the Betoota-based Diamantina Organisation for Consumer Kindness, (DOCK) have criticised the brand for not respecting the wishes of Australian families and discontinuing the delicious swirls of milk and white chocolate with hazelnut praline centres.

“Wtf” began the press release.

“Pull your fucken heads in. Marble chocolate was the best thing you ever did with yourselves.

Despite launching experimental products like Cadbury Vegemite and other weird flavours, the company was unable to give a decent reason as to why they no longer feel the need to sell Marble Chocolate.

However, employees from the iconic Tasmania factory say there has been talks among union reps of a possible strike, until the bosses allow the workers to begin making Marble chocolate again.

“Reintroducing Marble chocolate would be a very wise decision by Cadbury” said the ACCA  (Australian Chocolate Contractors Association) spokesman Brucey McMartin.

“Leading up to Christmas, it would be wise to have this delicious soft-centre chocolate back on the shelves. Their employees want to make it, their employees want to eat it, and so does everyone else in the country apparently”

Cadbury has refused to comment on the issue but told us to keep an eye out for their upcoming Cadbury Sarsaparilla flavour.




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