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The Betoota Credit Union [BCU], known for their competitive home loan rates and customer service, have announced today that they’ll bend over backwards to help people from all walks of Betootanese life realise their dreams by going to the cricket this summer.

Going to the cricket, like home ownership, is simply out of reach for many young locals.

But BCU wants to change that.

“Cricket should be inclusive, it’s a game that everyone should enjoy and be able to attend,” said branch manager Peter Willis.

“That’s why we’re offering a home loan-style loan for those younger members of the community so they can get on the next Boeing and head down to either Melbourne or Sydney. Perhaps even across to Perth for the next Test if they’re feeling adventurous,”

“Coupled with our lowest interest rate guarantee, we here at BCU don’t see why anyone should miss out on eating and drinking at a game of Test cricket.”

Speaking to The Advocate regarding his experiences at the cricket last year, local 27-year-old Fergus Liston said that while he enjoyed himself immensely during the Perth Test, it hasn’t done wonders for his financial situation.

He joined our reporters at the BCU Porterhouse Road branch for a coffee and a real chat.

“I think all up, I spent almost $360 000 at the cricket last year,” he said.

“And I didn’t even get pissed once. All they had was that Great Northern and XXXX cat piss. The only heavy stuff on the ground was the red wine – and I’ve spat out gollies with more volume than what they serve you,”

“That and I ate maybe 4 pies? That might account for about a fifth of it. Plus, those mid-strength just make you tired and piss heaps. Other than that, I had a great time. But now I’m locked into paying it off until 2047. I will be 57 when I make the last payment.”

To apply for a BCU Cricket Loan, please duck into any branch before Christmas Eve to hand in your application personally. If you can choke the bank manager out, you’ll be approved on the spot.

This was a paid presentation from the Betoota Credit Union, where they put the ‘U’ into ‘Happuness’

More to come.


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