The growing conspiracist community that has been bolstered by right-wing populists who are crumbling under the real life hurdles presented by COVID-19, are now going all-in on blaming every systemic failure on global ‘elites’ who are secretly in control of everything.

These same elites are also engaging in a secret worldwide pedophile ring, with their underage victims kept as sex slaves in underground caves, or something like that.

The online conspiracies are now taking the place of general cultural wars hysteria, activated by politicians who are out of tricks when it comes to class division and race-baiting.

These dark online communities are so intent on their Epstein-inspired theories, that even their left-wing opponents who agree with them are being shouted down.

It’s almost like they don’t realise we had a six-year royal commission into paedophile rings in the form of the Catholic and Anglican Churches.

However, the fact that the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse which focused heavily on religious institutions, took nearly 4 years and was played out in the mainstream media in a very well documented and highly publicised manner, seems to be ignored by the conspiracists who seem hellbent on manufacturing on one.

“It’s all there,” explained one local welder from Betoota Heights today.

“Just do some research. No one wants you to know there’s a paedophile ring preying on children,” explained the man who seems more interested in adrenochrome then the revelations that huge numbers of Catholic priests have been proven to be abusing children, in a manner which is facilitated by this global network of people with white and black robes who are spearheaded by a guy who looks like he could potentially be a lizard.

“The truth’s gonna come out man”

“Just you wait and see”


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