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The nation’s two media conglomerates have joined forces today to rally against Facebook and Instagram, who announced today that they may have to ban Australians from sharing news on their platforms.

Facebook has gone on the offensive against Nine and NewsCorp by attacking the Federal Government’s plan to make the US media giant pay for the content Australian news media like the aforementioned companies who publish on their news on the social media network.

“We’re not paying them for something that’s largely partisan gibberish,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

“It has no monetary value. What year do these people think it is? In Australian dollars, Facebook is a $1.3T companies. That’s pretty much Australia’s entire GDP – and some rubberband-powered news company like Nine is going to make us pay?”

“How about they make some small but simple changes to their business model? It’s like Kerry’s still stomping up and down the corridors of Nine telling people that the internet is just a passing fad,”

“These news media companies always bang on about how welfare is bad. They’re asking Facebook for welfare. Their lack of self-awareness is unbelievable until you look at the breakfast-sausage-in-a-suit-looking dinosaurs who run these companies,”

“So yeah, we can do without you. News and Nine need us more than we need them.”

The Advocate reached out to News and Nine for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

The Federal Government also failed to respond to this masthead’s repeated requests for comment.

More to come.


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