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The Greens have criticised the Federal Government’s decision today to begin the arduous process of rolling back the popular JobKeeper scheme.

Leader Adam Bandt spoke this afternoon in Canberra, where he explained that hundreds of thousands of people, mostly in Victoria, are depending on the JobKeeper payment to survive.

And any decrease in that payment will be detrimental to these people who depend on it.

“The JobKeeper supplement should be extended,” said Bandt.

“Until the sun’s projected death in roughly five billion years time. That will give working Australians enough time to get back on their feet. With dignity,”

“Anything less is inhumane.”

Mr Bandt did concede that his proposal was currently uncosted but doubled down when asked by our reporter if this proposal would simply cost the government too much.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Bandt.

“I’m not in the business of putting a dollar value on human lives. How does get fucked sound? Huh? This is the new Greens now. No more private schoolboys, no more Volvos, no more round-spectacle barristers, no more fucking skivvies! More blowing up dams and more targeted shootings of fossil fuel lobbyists.”

Our reporter nodded and thanked Mr Bandt for his time.

More to come.


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