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Clive Palmer is getting desperate in his bid to visit our nation’s West as he threatened today to drive his half-finished Titanic replica into Fremantle’s iconic South Mole lighthouse.

The Western Australian Government is now trying to find out why Mr Palmer has chosen the South Mole Lighthouse to crash into – as well as the seafaring capability of the ship.

“I mean, the Success Boat Harbour is right next to it. Driving a giant cruise liner into that would cause untold damage. Instead, it seems Mr Palmer has chosen to destroy both a multi-billion dollar boat and a historic lighthouse,” said a WA Government spokesperson.

“But attempting to understand why Mr Palmer does and says things is just a waste of time. But needless to say, we’re taking his threats seriously,”

“The Western Australia border is closed to everybody except people of the West and the Tuskens. Clive Palmer might have billions of dollars – but he doesn’t own any of this state’s media assets so no special deals for him.”

The Advocate reached out to Mr Palmer’s Office for comment but were told Clive is busy trying to sue the Korean Government who won’t let him in to pick up the Titanic II – as well as the Federal Government who won’t let him leave Australia.

“Clive may be a billionaire, but if he gets the coronavirus, he’ll flat out fucking die and I don’t want that on my conscious,” said Scott Morrison.

“So he’s staying in Coolum.”

More to come.


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