The artist formerly known – and pretty much still known – as Chet Faker has made quite a large artistic compromise while performing in Townsville overnight.

The Melbourne-based ‘funk’ musician, who likes to now go by his given name of Nick Murphy, was forced to make a deal with a rowdy crowd of North Queenslanders in the Northern Capital’s Stadium Nightclub.

“I really hadn’t experienced anything like that before” said Mr Faker/Murphy.

“I have never been told how to perform in my life – let alone being told to play other peoples songs. These people are an interesting breed”

After a stirring rendition of his iconic single ‘Talk Is Cheap’ as the set-opener, Chet/Nick became aware very quickly that the audience was only really prepared to hear one Melbourne-centric sex ballad for the evening.

Within minutes, the entire crowd was yelling at him to play 1980’s era pub rock.

“Chiiiiiseeeel” yelled one 140 kilogram, 18-year-old Samoan kid.

Another member of the audience, a 70-year-old great-gradnmother was heard making three requests for some ‘fucking Khe Sanh’ back to back.

Mr Faker/Murphy says he had to act quick and fast to take back control of his gig.

“These people paid like $180 dollars so they could spend two hours yelling requests for Jimmy Barnes covers” he said.

“As an artist, I couldn’t possibly allow that. I told them if they were willing to wait ten to twenty minutes for me to rattle off my new shit.. I’d promise to play Khe Sanh and Breakfast At Sweethearts”

“They were initially apprehensive, but after a member of the stage crew ran out a Cowboys jersey for me to put on, they were pretty much keen for anything”.

Mr Murphy/Faker says while he feels as though he was a bit pushed around, he looks forward to heading back to the Deep North after his Sydney Opera House concert at Vivid.

“A couple of the young fellows told me I have to come up for a Cows match and punch on with a few AJs with them in August”

“Sounds like a real hoot. A real fish out of water thing, you know. I might spend some time up here to write my next album”


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