12 April, 2017. 16:02

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A local stand-up comedian has taken time out of his hectic morning routine to visit his Belvwah Road solicitor to write his last will and testament ahead of his show tonight at Betoota Workies.

Former Instagram sensation turned actual comic Brett Powell revealed to The Advocate that he’s debuting a controversial new bit tonight on [REMOVED] – a traditionally dangerous topic for white, middle-class comedians to lampoon where even mentioning it by name can get you into trouble.

“I’m just going the responsible thing,” he said.

“Though my estate isn’t as impressive as other entertainers such as Peter Stefanovic and Jimoen, I have a number of assets that I don’t want my family and friends to squabble over should I be [REMOVED] in the street by some [REMOVED] after doing this bit tonight.”

The comic revealed a number of details about his estate to the media in an effort to set the document in concrete.

To his mother Daphne, he’s leaving the keys to his 1998 Hyundai Excel GLX and all its contents – which include a cricket kit and half a bottle of Coca-Cola.

His brother is set to receive Mr Powell’s vast collection of off-the-rack suits and slip on shoes. Most of those were controversially sourced during his tenure as an undertaker’s assistant at the South Betoota Crematorium. He was caught undressing corpses and taking the burial suits home with him.

The remainder of his estate is to be divided between his comic colleagues, with the contents of his bank account going to his wake bar tab at the Betoota Sailing Club.

More to come.



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