12 April, 2017. 14:34

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A senior executive at an bespoke South Betoota private asset management firm has confirmed that he was left bloodied and beaten after being dragged onto a Tiger Airlines flight this afternoon.

Walter Huntington-Donoghue, a group CEO at Jocelyn & Connor, planned on departing Remienko Regional Airport this afternoon aboard a Qantas flight to Brisbane but was bumped from his domestic business class seat at the last minute due to a ticketing error.

The 55-year-old happily relinquished his seat to a visiting Qantas board member, with the impression that he’d be on the next flying kangaroo due to leave two hours later.

However, that flight was cancelled, leaving him no other option than to fly Tiger, which was the last plane due to leave Betoota. The meeting he was due to attend this afternoon in Brisbane was “make or break” for the firm, according to industry insiders.

“I outright refused,” he said.

“I’m not about to ride on this glorified bogan missile all the way to Brisbane, I simply refused. But my bosses forced me, physically.”

Captured on mobile phone cameras, Walter was placed in a headlock in the Tiger terminal and punched a number of times by a team of junior portfolio managers from Jocelyn & Connor as he was dragged against his will onto the Airbus.

The flight ultimately left without him, as he was rushed to Betoota Base Hospital after suffering a suspected cardiac episode.

More to come.


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