Clive Overton (48) an old school journo, channeled his inner fund manager today as he tried to transfer money internationally.

However, rather than managing the funds of the financial and political elite to ensure they fuck over the vast majority of the Australian population by paying no tax, Overton was simply sending money to his business partner.

The polite but relatively simple luddite did what he has always done when needing to send money overseas, withdrawing a wad of cash big enough to work up a sweat on white goods retailer and walking it downtown to the post office.

Grumbling the whole time about the hassle of having to go through the actually entirely unnecessary process, Overton put his technical illiteracy on full display as he scrawled out the details of his business partner’s overseas bank account.

“Yeah ahhh, my business partner, is over in Europe at the moment, on some work related business, and he has run out of cash he reckons. Now I’ve had to go down to the post office and send him more funds because he has pissed his money up the wall,” said Overton.

“I told him to make sure he had enough. I hate the bank, I hate post office and I get so fucking anxious walking up the main street with a a few weeks pay in my hand.  It’s a pain in the arse, but anyway.”

We asked Overton why he was still transferring money like computers aren’t a thing.

“Yeah I know you can do it online or whatever, the young cadet always mentions it, but I don’t know, I just don’t like it. I like doing things the way I’ve always done them, just like anyone whose a bit long in the tooth.”

“Anyway, times money, I’ve gotta to finishing sorting these things out.”

A short time after speaking to The Advocate Overton left the post office in huff because one of staff at the counter politely informed him that he could have done this easily enough online, by using a service like Transferwise.

Watch the Betoota Advocate’s new video detailing the early stages of our European Bureau here.



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