With recent news polls indicating Labor’s lead as the prefered party with 53% to the Coalition’s 47%, Shorten has made a bold move to increase this lead by unveiling the Labor party’s cool new logo.

While leading in two-party prefered polls, Shorten is still behind PM Malcolm Turnbull as prefered Prime Minister, something the opposition leader is hoping to change with his “fresh logo.”

“We’re the party of the future and we’re here to bring the flavour and rock the house! Parliament house that is.”

Tweeted at 4:20 am, Shorten ‘dropped’ his new logo with the caption “New logo who dis?”

In a statement released by the Labor Party, they say the new logo keeps the ribbon motif of their previous logo while incorporating a modern font and replacing the divisive Southern Cross with a geometric pointed ‘S’ Shorten claims stands for ‘Staya.’

While it has been met with mixed reviews, Shorten says his logo was made to satisfy the needs of existing Labor voters and was “not made for the haters.”

One such hater is Deputy Prime Minister and bloke we still don’t quite know from a bar of soap, Michael McCormack, who called Shorten’s new logo “baby draw,” when PM Malcolm Turnbull declined to comment on the new logo.

According to Shorten this is nothing new, and speaking exclusively with The Advocate he told us to tell us to ‘tell him something he doesn’t know.’

“Turnbull would say that. I’d expect nothing less from a guy still bitching out from my rap battle. He lame AF.”



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