Red-faced with a prickly silver 20-day growth, local greasy hoodie wearer is spending his day at Sydney’s Central station looking at you like you’re the sketchy one.

The man, known only as ‘Ken,’ has set many commuters on edge all day, by staring at them as they walk past with a questioning look hanging on his half-toothed face.

“He was staring at me like I had a bomb in my bag and he was going to stop me. Far out, I’m still shivering.”

Reports state that Ken spent the entire morning staring intensely through his bloodshot eyes at those going about their day, pausing only to scab a cigarette or ask for $2.50.

Rail staff say this is ‘normal’ behaviour for Ken, who state while they see Ken regularly – they have never seen him eat, sleep or use the bathroom.

“There’s a guy who has been working here for 30 years who said Ken was there on the day he started. He says he looks exactly the same except maybe he’s changed his shirt.”

According to witnesses, the situation escalated at approximately 2:30pm when Ken was joined by a man known only as ‘Ron,’ and together they doubled their staring efforts with a twin gaze that reportedly frightened a bouncer on his way to work, a roller derby team and a pair of on-duty police officers.

“It’s fine, they’re probably not up to anything. You’d think I was though they way they were looking at me.”

Speaking exclusively with The Advocate, Ken laughed a deep maniacal cackle when questioned about his strange stares before gesturing to a black and white photo on the station wall dated 1901 that features a man matching his appearance as the original conductor of the station.



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