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When Deputy NSW Premier John Barilaro said yesterday that the Nationals were talking away from the Coalition over koala-related legislation, he said he was prepared to lose everything.

Everything – except his hair gel allowance.

The NSW taxpayer foots the bill for Mr Barilaro’s hair gel and it’s not cheap.

It costs the people who live down there in the nation’s engine room thousands of dollars a year. Even the fine people over in Western Australia are affected. Almost once cent in every dollar that WA pays in GST goes towards keeping Mr Barilaro’s hair pointing skyward.

Which is little wonder why it proved to be the straw that broke The Nationals back.

“The prospect of paying for my own hair gel and taking a massive pay cut was too much,” said Mr Deputy Premier.

“Our constituents’ right to shoot koalas is the real victim here,”

“We just weren’t prepared to lose our cushy jobs in this climate. Even though you could train a pigeon to do the work of most state politicians. Mining companies aren’t hiring lobbyists right now so we need to just stop rocking the boat,”

“If you rock the boat in the public service, you end up in the water.”

The Advocate reached out to the Office of the NSW Premier for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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