The monstrous cloud of smoke that has shut down all air routes between Australia and Bali has been revealed to be just a footy tour that got a bit out of hand, as close to twenty Perth boys get stuck in to the cheap durries.

 Indonesia’s Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation remains at the highest red rating, and the organisation has stated that while the their has been activity measured from Mount Agung – the majortiy of the smoke has been coming from clove ciggies in the beer garden of an Aussie-themed bar.

“There is a football team that hail from Perth’s northern suburbs currently on tour in Bali” said one spokesperson.

“We believe most of these fellas would be what is considered ‘one-off smokers’ – which means, they are smoking as many durries as humanly possible while on consuming Bintang beer at an equally overexcited rate”

“They are really giving it a nudge. It is believed that conveniences stores in the entrie Agung region are completely out of glad-wrap due to their drunken impulses to get really shit tattoos”

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre in Darwin says the ciggie smoke has already reached about 30,000 feet, or 9144 metres — the cruising level for commercial aircraft.

With current conditions seeing the ash cloud drift north and also across Bali’s southeast, it is believed drunken holidayers holed up in Australian airports are going to be severely rinsing innocent airline staff at counters right across the country.


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