A 20-something visa-holder with one of those British accents that don’t sound like Emma Watson’s has made headlines right across the Commonwealth today by finding work in a tanning salon, and not in recruitment.

Elizabeth Kent (23) says her extended family back home are celebrating tonight, upon learning that she has landed herself a full-time job in an industry not related core function of human resource management that oversees the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs.

“I don’t know…” she says.

“I mean I had a job sitting there a – but I thought I might test myself, you know”

“As a British person, and a career-minded individual, this is big thing for me and my family”

A recent Government study has found that 95% of non-permanent Australian residents with British accents work in the extremely vague white collar sector of ‘recruitment’ – with the other 5% working in mid-level marketing roles.

This study, however, is not inclusive of the struggling 457-visa holders who are currently being put to work on Dairy farms and cattle stations, only to have their entire working holiday program stripped from them in the next few months after a knee-jerk decision by Malcolm Turnbull.

However, Elizabeth says while she has managed to evade manual labour, she nearly ended up in construction.

“Originally people thought I was Irish because my accent doesn’t sound like the ones you hear in Love Actually” she says.

“I nearly ended up as a lollipop lady”


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