After two years off rumours about him being in jail, prominent youtube rapper WynnumWhat has returned to the scene with an emotional new working class ballad about the pressure of being a young man in the outskirts of a major city.

The new song, titled ‘Smashing The Glass Barbie’ is a breathtaking look into his rise and subsequent demise since he first went viral, and started going off the rails when the fame went to his head.

The song’s chorus is already being played from iPhone speakers on public transport all around the country, as the iconic Australian hip hop artist echoes the sentiments of millions of other kids who like wearing tracksuits in near tropical weather and footy shorts in winter.

The song, which has not been mastered and will not be accompanied by an album, details WynnumWhat’s struggle with crystal methamphetamine – ever since he hit the big time.

“Gotta give up the shard. Do it for my nan. Gotta give up the shard or be like my old man” – as WynnumWhat dissects his epic fall from grace after appearing as an opening act at Supafest in 2015.

With a much more skinnier frame, WynnumWhat says he knows he’s going to be plagued with shard-related rumours for the rest of his career, but he guarantees this time he’s stopped mucking around.

“I’m back” he says to our reporters.

“Was in a dark place there for a while but I couldn’t bare to see what was happening to the game”

“Had to put the pipe down and expose the fake cunts. I’m all good now”




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