Channel 7 have once again proven themselves to be the leaders of the pack when it comes to their profound commentary on hot button issues in the news cycle. Today, that discussion was Aboriginal adoption, both forced and voluntary.

The network’s superiority was on display for all as the station appeared to be the only network with access to former A-league and all round soccer journalist Ben Davis.

Despite having no real claim or connection to the Murri community, Davis’s insight as a National Soccer League’s national Media Award-winning sports reporter provided great balance to the discussion.

The Breakfast program Sunrise has sparked intense media furore after another guest, conservative commentator Prue MacSween, suggested Indigenous children should be taken from their families “just like the first Stolen Generation”.

The comments were made as part of the breakast show’s ‘Hot Topics’ segment this morning. Samantha Armytage kicked off the discussion by bringing viewers up to speed on Assistant Minister for children David Gillespie calling for non-Indigenous families to adopt at-risk Aboriginal children.

While the concept of revisiting Australia’s National Shame appeared to be a bit of a spicy topic for the 44-year-old Caucasian Brisbane based sports nut, he brought balance and insight into the debate by agreeing with everything his racist cross national panelist MacSween said.


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