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The accused man's home. Police received a tip-off from channel seven helicopters.
The accused man’s home. Police received a tip-off from channel seven helicopters.

A Canberra man has been arrested and transported to Goulburn Supermax today, after an AFP raid on his eco-friendly home in the Australian capital.

“We have reason to believe this man has close links to the CEFC, and in particular, their solar power division,” said AFP spokesmen, Ken Nagas.

“New laws state that this man’s keen interest in investing in solar energy, is illegal. He will be treated as a criminal until we are proven otherwise”

The unnamed "science dork" is arrested at his Fishwick home.
The unnamed “science dork” is arrested at his Fishwick home.

This comes as our nation’s leader makes moves to ban innovation and funding in the renewable energy sector.

A directive banning the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) from investing in existing wind technology will also apply to small-scale solar projects, a move that will effectively throttle the industry, the Australian Solar Council said.

The federal government on Sunday confirmed that the $10bn CEFC will no longer invest in wind power, instead focussing on “emerging technologies”.

“It is our policy to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation because we think that if the projects stack up economically, there’s no reason why they can’t be supported in the usual way,” Abbott told reporters in Darwin. “But while the CEFC exists, what we believe it should be doing is investing in new and emerging technologies – certainly not existing windfarm.

The 42-year-old man, who cannot be named due to legal reasons, remains incarcerated today.

Former Prime Minister Abbott has since given comment on the raid, in Darwin this morning.

“This man is not part of Team Australia. This man is an anti-intellectual. This man is a criminal”

“I would like to congratulate our brave police officers who have risked their lives in order to serve this man with swift Canberra justice”

“He knew what he was doing and he knew it was wrong, solar energy is a dangerous cult and we will endeavour to stop these people from accessing our vulnerable youth,”


  1. This freeloading science dork hippie had it coming. He should have just paid for his electricity like everyone else.

  2. Why don’t we get some new uniforms for the AFP?
    Some nice little black jobs with a red arm band with a black swastika in a white circle.
    We can rename them the Oz-Gestapo.


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