Charlie Pickering takes the stage on his show that is more about Charlie Pickering and less about Carrie Bickmore
Charlie Pickering takes the stage on his show that is more about Charlie Pickering and less about Carrie Bickmore


July 13, 2015. 15:00

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | Contact

Charlie Pickering wants government to go further than gay marriage pushing for equal rights who people who want to marry themselves.

Charlie Pickering’s need to lecture the world has been unquenchable since his successful Wednesday night show ‘The Weekly’ began on the ABC earlier this year, generating popular online content with his week-by-week synopsis of already heavily reported political issues.

After a shaky debut, the heavily contrived John-Oliver-Wannabe has taken on halal certification, internet piracy and Brisbane’s bid for the Olympics – all with a special brand of unrefined eloquence and a heavily imitated British-style of satire, laced intricately with well-researched facts.

The former law student/ satirical panelist/ barista and self-proclaimed Instagram fashion model says “all love is equal, it doesn’t matter if it a man and woman, two men or just one man,”

“I have fallen deeply in love with myself, and will remain faithful to myself for the rest of my life. Why is my relationship not valued like others? The fact that it’s myself should have no bearing on it”

“In my recent break from being married to people that aren’t Charlie Pickering, I was constantly on the lookout for the perfect partner and while there was no shortage of applicants, nobody quite fit the bill”

“I had multiple tinder profiles to cater for the amount of women that were interested in me…So, when I came across myself… swiping right just felt so… right”

“Funnily enough, these feelings first occurred when I was actually having a good look at myself in the mirror, it finally dawned on me, that maybe I was the only one good enough for Charlie Pickering”

Several LGBTI activists have come out swinging at the young panelist, claiming his need to marry himself is taking from their right to marrying each other.

“It’s insensitive and inappropriate says vocal facebooker and LGBTI ally, Rod Silva.

“Pickering is, no doubt, in love with himself. But this is just ridiculous. Hijack this marriage debate with his love for himself. This is vanity of the highest order,”

Charlie Pickering has responded by stating he will silence all critics with yet another “epic smackdown” this Wednesday night.



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