Misinformation has spread rapidly around the free-settler capital, as the residents desperately scour for a result to yesterday’s 2017 AFL Grand Final.

As has been reported around the rest of the country, The Richmond Tigers beat the Adelaide Crows by 48 points at the MCG to finally complete the Richmond fairytale — the team’s last grand final appearance had been in a 1982 loss to Carlton, and their last flag win was in 1980.

However, a first-quarter power black-out across the South-East coastline of South Australia has left the staunch Adelaide Crows fanbase without a definitive answer as to whether or not they won a premiership or not.

“I heard the boys really turned it around in the 3rd quarter” says Adelaide local, Con Victfree (55).

“Most of our phones ran out of battery shortly after the black-out, because of all the betting apps… No one is 100% certain of the final score”

“One thing we do know is that we won quite confidently!”

AFL executives say that they worry a heroes welcome is currently being planned in Adelaide airport, and are praying that the disappointed Crows fans that actually attended the match at the MCG get home first to quell the potentially embarrassing mis-celebration.

“This is not good” said AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan. “Not good at all”

“Oh well, at least we can contain all of the drama to Adelaide – our security staff at the MCG did very well yesterday to confiscate any racist banners and bananas at the gate”

“Hopefully Elon can fix up that power grid in time for next season”



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