Sporting culture and drug culture often go hand in hand, particularly around this time of the year with Mad Mondays and end of season team trips to exotic party destinations.

Whether it’s our swimmers on Stillnox, cricketers dosing up on their mum’s pain medication, swimmers on the Bondi marching powder or our footballers indulging in every mind-altering substance to ever exist – it’s impossible to seperate the two.

So, for the social footballer/recreational drug users out there, Betoota Advocate as created a list of codewords described as sporting references to use when you are surrounding by family or higher-ranking coworkers who don’t seem like they are too into drugs.

The following list has been compiled through an afternoon at the Lord Kidman Hotel with during the BetootaDolphins 3rd Grade Mad Monday.

1:  Getting on the Iraseal (Israel Dagg – Cocaine bag)

Image result for ISrael dagg

2: Ripping a few Franklins (Buddy Franklin – Marijuana buds)

Image result for buddy franklin

3:  A Bagdhattis serve (An especially large amount of Cocaine)

Image result for baghdatis serve

4:  On the Nathan Baggaleys (Cocaine)

5. On the Warwick Cappers (Capper – MDMA Caps)


Image result for warwick capper mark

6. Has anyone got any Serena? (Williams/Pilliams – Ecstacy)

  Image result for serena williams

7. Teeing off like Mickelson (Phil Mickelson/ Pill Mickelson – Ecstacy)

 Image result for phil mickelson

8. The Sir Donald Bagmans (Cocaine)

Image result for sir donald bradman

9. Boxing on with a Manny Baggyoua (Cocaine)

 Image result for manny pacquiao

10. Dumping a few Russell Pilsons (Ecstacy)

Image result for russell wilson


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