A Betoota Heights woman has been taken to hospital in a critical but stable condition after suffering a heart attack. It is believed Patricia Goodberg (39) began having heart palpitations after witnessing a dog being walked without a leash through her leafy suburb.

The leashless dog walker Richard Tomczyk (45) was the first to call the ambulance after Goodberg collapsed during her morning walk after seeing Tomczyk’s dog, Marbles, going for a walk without being properly tethered to a leash.

“She looked like she was in pain so I ran over to help her and then she started saying shit like “Why is it not on a leash?” and “You really shouldn’t do that!” All while I’m trying to call an ambulance mind you.”

First responding paramedics have backed Tomczyk’s claim, stating Goodberg was very vocal about the leashless Marbles.

“She also muttered something to the effect of “I bet that’s the dog that’s been shitting everywhere.”

“She also cried when I told her we might have to cut through her Lorna Jane top.”

While Goodberg is expected to make a full recovery, her family has made a brief statement during a teary-eyed press conference.

“She wants all animals to be safe and does not understand how someone could walk a dog without a leash. While she understands this does happen, she never thought it would take place in her own neighbourhood. We will be suing the dog owner for damages and have no further statements at this time.”

Despite the impending lawsuit, Richard Tomczyk says this will have no bearing on how he and Marbles choose to walk.

“Nah, she’s a good girl it’s fine. She’s a smart dog she’s not going to go on the road without looking both ways. People need to relax!”

More to come.


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