A local Betootan student enrolled at The University Of Western Queensland has comfortably reached the digital word count required in a recent assignment.

While asked to write over three thousand words regarding the perennial hummock grass of hard spinnifex and it’s the ideal environment, the 21-year-old named Jason Boylan found himself absolutely lost for words.

“I’d already written about how their stems are smooth and without resin. And how their leaf blades are tightly rolled, stiff with a sharp point, and are green to blue-green.”

“The seed head is a single spike with the seeds on short stalks. It flowers from February to May. That’s about all you need to fucking know”

“That’s all you can know”

“How was I supposed to fill two more pages of that shit”

Lucky for Jason, he is a member of Generation Y, and his lecturer is a Baby Boomer. This means he was able to fill the word count with the entire lyrics to 2Pac’s Hit ‘Em Up in plain white text.

“There’s no way she could know” he laughed.

“She’s only just asked for USBs. Last semester we were handing this shit in floppy discs [laughter]”





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