A photo of Bec Hewitt having an emotive phone call at a local cafe has all but confirmed the fears of thousands of Women’s Day readers who are for some reason emotionally invested in the marriage between a tennis player and soap opera star from 15 years ago.

“I can’t believe what he’s gone and done to her” says Betoota west local Sandra (49), a local hairdresser, avid Home And Away follower and occasional supporter of Australian tennis.

“He’s just a typical self-obsessed superstar. She doesn’t deserve this”

While unable to actually identify how Lleyton Hewitt betrayed Bec, the use of punctuation on the front page of her favourite women’s magazine has Sharon all caught up.

Women’s Day have today confirmed that Lleyton and Bec will be entering divorce proceedings for the 3285th time since he proposed to her in 2005 after dating for just six weeks.

Local Betoota divorce lawyer, Dominique Longerst says people in his trade only dream about getting a gig like Bec and Lleytons.

“If what they say is true. There would be some very rich people out there. 3285 divorces? Christ thats like 20 holidays in Vanuatu”

However, not everyone can see the light of this tumultuous relationship. Sharon says she honestly feels for Bec, and many other women out there who’s personal life is interesting enough to fictionalise, according to Bauer Media.

“The same things been happening with poor Bindi Irwin and the bloke she’s been seeing. He was trying to take over her dad’s Zoo from memory. Something like that”




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