An inner-city Melbourne screenplay writer has today asked why a cricketing scandal that 90% of Australians are emotionally invested in getting so many headlines, when there are other things going on.

Keeley Blayney (29) says it’s quite telling about how uneducated and pathetic majority of the population who don’t live outside her grimey hipster suburb are.

This comes as Australian cricketer Cameron Bancroft was charged with ball tampering, and his captain Steve Smith suspended for one Test after he admitted that he and other senior players, who he refused to name, plotted during a lunch break to illegally tamper with the ball in the third Test against South Africa in Cape Town.

It’s a historic scandal that will likely see both captains and the coach blacklisted from international cricket for the foreseeable future, and one that has taken away what little joy our national sport can bring Australians of all classes and demographics.

It’s something that her dad has even admitted to crying about. Keeley can’t understand why something so egalitarian and inconsequential is getting so much media.

“It’s just like. What about the ongoing human rights issues that our politicians are responsible for?”

Keeley is of course talking about Australia’s treatment and indifference towards the lives of Asylum Seeker both here, overseas, and in substandard detainment offshore. It’s an issue she feels strongly about when her outrage hasn’t been redirected by something she saw happening to livestock on 4Corners – or when she isn’t spending 6 months protesting an outdated paragraph in the Australian marriage act.

“Why is this issue that my dad, mum, brothers, uncles, aunts, sister-in-law and coworkers haven’t stopped talking about taking up so much media”

“Do you think they’d be talking about something this trivial in Pakistan or Afghanistan right now? I don’t think so”




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