As of yesterday, the arguably premature family Christmas preparations are no longer an immediate priority in households right Australia.

This comes as the woman at the centre of a mushroom lunch that resulted in the deaths of three people, has faced court in regional Victoria this week, after she was charged with 3 counts of murder and 5 counts of attempted murder.

Media filled three rows of seats in the Latrobe Valley Magistrates Court on Friday morning for a brief hearing in the case that has turned every Australian mum into crime solving private investigators.

Right across the country, millions of empty nester mums are on the blower to one another, as they relish in the vindication of having their own version of events validated by these new developments.

Three of the murder charges and two of the attempted murder charges relate to the mushroom lunch in July of this year that left three people dead and another critically ill in hospital, but the mums had already pieced that together in their in-depth analysis of local media reports and the testimonies of local community members from this hyper-religious rural enclave.

The remaining three attempted murder charges relate to historical incidents against a 48-year-old man believed to be Patterson’s estranged husband Simon Patterson, as the mums had predicted.

Mums right across Australia are today letting everyone know that they knew it, because there was something that didn’t add up about this whole thing from the very start.

It is yet not known when Christmas plans will be back on the table, but with an tumultuous local and global news cycle, it seems like Nanna might be once again handed hosting duties again because nobody has had enough time to think about where we are going to have it this year.


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