Mia Bendtner (27) is currently wondering where the madness will end.

The madness of reality television, specifically.

The full-time solicitor and avid reality TV fan was left reeling, after the promise from a commercial television network that she would be witness to the zenith of trash tv this week.

That zenith being the “Biggest, Most Explosive Night In Australian TV History,” on Married At First Sight (MAFS) this week.

After the must-see season of the Bachelorette last year, the unmissable My Kitchen Rules series the year before, the bait on her TV currently has Bendtner wondering if this is it.

“The ads for last week’s MAFS episode were saying that it was going to be ‘the most extraordinary one yet,’ and I thought the episode the previous week was supposed to be the biggest,” she said.

“I’m confused. Is this one going to actually be the biggest? Or are they just trying it on?”

Bendtner’s housemate Harley Gibbs told The Advocate that he is pretty certain that this week won’t be something noted in the annals of history.

“Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t see how some morons acting out ‘a social experiment’ is going to make for the biggest night in Australian TV history. I can’t even see how it’s gonna be any different to the last month of mindless reality shit that is everywhere I look,” he said.

“Seriously though, gee Telv and Sarah are a cute couple aye.”

An anonymous executive producer from Channel 9 explained to us that they may be pushing the envelope a little bit with the weekly hype.

“Yeah, we are starting to struggle a bit to find synonyms for words like big, and extraordinary. No one seems to be pulling us up though,” she said.



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