A cheeky mid-week bender is brewing in downtown Betoota this afternoon, after an old group of mates welcome a weather forecast that suggests it’s the perfect conditions to obliterate some Tin Baileys.

Whilst local tradies and those that work outdoors continue to labour in the 35-degree heat wave that’s singeing skin across the Diamantina, a collection of the CBD’s hardest working email typers have reportedly decided they might as well inhale some beers while the sun is shining, and their calendars are managable.

Given their CBD workplaces get absolutely pumped with freezing cold manufactured air-con, it’s believed the group of white collars decided they’d palm off the need to stay inside their respective office towers, pay their respects to those working in the heat, and conduct a 4:30pm meeting from an outdoor table in front of The Butchers Arms on Daicos Street.

Armed with a work credit cards and the ability to write off the drinks as “client evenst”, it’s believed the group are gearing up to push the boat out.

“So, are we heading back to work after next one?” asked a young tagalong intern Peter Fannywinkle, as he licked the last dregs of foam from his second schooner and set his Slack channel status to “In A Meeting”.

“I reckon we could just do it here…” replied Kurt Lumsden, his senior manager who has the power to put a strike through any calendar invite he feels is a waste of time, as long as his subordinate is willing to laugh at his mates jokes.

With less than 90 minutes before the Butchers Arms famous $15 jug happy hour kicks off, The Advocate can confirm the group of corporate suits have decided to do their bit for the local hospitality economy and keep some bartenders busy this afternoon.

“Some boys from my cricket club are thinking of doing the same thing, take my card and grab another tray of glass sandwiches,” ordered Kurt.

“I’ll just say we had our client Albert with us, the big boss knows it’s best to loosen that pig up and keep him hydrated!”

More to come.


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