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A Betoota Ponds woman visiting the big smoke for the first time has found herself utterly bewitched by the street sweepers, which she’s already affectionately nicknamed ‘The Wall-E sweepers.’

It’s alleged Sheevaun Manning [25] was only just recovering from marvelling at the reversible train seats when she spotted one of the sweepers in Surry Hills, and is reported to have been so awestruck by the tiny cleaning vehicles that she was seen pausing in her tracks to let out a very loud ‘AWWW’, as if she’d seen a puppy.

Much to the amusement of her cousin, Sheevaun insists the inanimate object might just be the ‘cutest thing she has ever seen’ and that she doesn’t know how to explain it, but she cares very deeply about the welfare of this street sweeper.

“Aw it’s like something from Wall-E!”, she’d cooed as she fumbled around in her bag to grab her phone, “it’s so cute!”

“It looks like it has paws!”

“A little baby sweeper.”

More to come.


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