The No Campaign has made it clear this week that their aim is to spread nothing but honest and truthful messages about the upcoming Indigenous Voice referendum, which they say has been proposed by Jewish-backed Aboriginal billionaire elites and will cost $900 trillion dollars and turn all of our kids trans.

Leading figures from the No Campaign have wholeheartedly denied accusations of any peddling misinformation, and refute claims that their loudest supporters like Pauline Hanson, Alan Jones, Peter Dutton and Andrew Bolt are acting in bad faith.

They also want to make it clear that the non-Indigenous conservative politicians and the non-Indigenous billionaires (who are definitely not white supremacists) that are bankrolling the No Campaign are committed to civilised debate.

This far-right movement to destroy a proposal for Aboriginal self-determination has become slightly more unhinged in the last few weeks, as No rallies around the country play host to deranged YouTubers and unemployable shock jocks making discriminatory jokes on stage in front of thousands of people.

However, these comments cannot be described as racist, because Australian media find it far more inappropriate to label someone racist than to actually be racist.

With misinformation surrounding treaties, land grabs and trillion dollar pay-outs spreading like wildfire online and in the Murdoch newspapers, the NO CAMPAIGN has had to come forward today and deny any involvement.

“We deny the accusations of spreading misinformation” said one spokesperson.

“Who put you up to this anyway? Was it the Jews?”

“It’s clearly the Jews. They’ve been involved in this UN-plot to steal our land from the start”

“Pfizer, Bill Gates, Ernie Dingo. This Indigenous Voice has their fingerprints all over it!!!”

“They will not stop until all of our kids are changing their genders!”

Despite insisting they are committed to truth telling, this does not mean that the likes of Dutton and Hanson have not made a decision to go ‘the low road’ in the lead up to the referendum, which has been noticed by even the most disengaged voters, who are slightly confused by the cult-like shit being rammed into their letterbox each morning.

However, regardless of their intentions, the No Campaign cannot be stopped – and Australian media is committed to not holding them to account – as the gravitating existential crisis faced by both the Nationals and Libs comes crashing down on the last remaining Federal and State MPs in a nation that is run by Labor in every level of government except for Tasmania – where the Liberal Party has the luxury of supporting an Indigenous Voice because they are in power.



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