An unnecessarily stressed uncle is frantically searching through the bins for an orange juice bottle that he left in the kitchen a couple hours ago.

The 43-year-old North Betoota original has spent the last 18 months between houses and between jobs, while none of his nephews and nieces know how he manages to support his lifestyle which is heavily based around obscure outdoor trends and weird types of lollies.

“Where is it? Has anyone seen it? I just left it on the bench? Where did it go?

His hosting sibling, a sister, makes a quip about how it’s probably worth cleaning up after himself if he’s worried about people making the effort to throw out his rubbish.

“It wasn’t JUST an orange juice bottle. It was orange and passionfruit. Anyway, that’s not what I need it” he spits at mum.

“Where did you put it? I’m serious. This isn’t funny”

As everyone begins to laugh at the uncle’s dramatic display of now quite obvious chemical-withdrawal, it becomes clear that he was actually only looking for the bottle so that he could fit it with the little bit of hose that he cut off the sprinkler.

“This actually isn’t funny” he says again, reitierating his point.

“I dunno why I live here, everyone is just such smartarses”



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