Two complete strangers have formed a lifelong bond while desperately trying to stimulate their brains in the depths of Betoota’s boutique shopping district.

Pat (30) and Joe (26) were randomly placed next to each other by their respective girlfriends on the courtesy ‘boyfriend chair’ outside the iconic Western Queensland retailer, Sascha’s.

Pat says he had sat in complete silence for close to thirty minutes before he noticed Joe chuckling at something on his phone.

“I guess he could kind of relate to the fact that I was bored out of my mind while the misso tried on eighteen different cuts of the exact same brand and size of jeans”

What happened next would trigger a lifelong friendship.

“I rolled the dice by the showing him that meme” says Joe.

“I didn’t know if this bloke would really be on my level when it came to crispy memes – but I thought, what’s the worse that could happen?”

“Either he likes it, or he is disgusted by me and goes inside to hurry his girlfriend along. Either way, it gives us something both to do”

Pat, however, says he really frothed Pat’s meme, and it resulted in spiral of IRL meme-sharing.

“Little bit danker compared to what I’m used to… Very spicy stuff. But, you know, after an afternoon being ignored by retail employees and my girlfriend, it was just what I needed”

Joe says their girlfriends appeared distressed by their newfound friendship when they both came to pick them up.

“Pat and I are meeting to play some video games next week, I think” he says.


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