Looking perky in a popped-button business shirt and blue blazer, in front of a plain white background, financial relationship manager Ron Frankham has reported an uptick in interest thanks to a change in his social media profile.

“My old photo was the same as my Facebook one,” he said, “and it was a bit lo-res, to be honest. But I got a new haircut and a $10-off voucher for a photo shoot down the Plaza, so I thought I’d give myself a bit of an fresh look on LinkedIn. Next minute, the endorsements are flooding in.”

Sporting a wry half-smile, body half-turned to camera and shoulders up in a professional pose that says “I’m CEO material, but I’m also one of the boys”,

Frankham’s profile photo has done wonders for business confidence in the region.

“He just looks like a bloke you can trust to give you a good rate on your loan,” explains Betoota hotelier Chris Parker, who now has Frankham managing his money with the bank. “Like he knows his stuff, but isn’t a prick about it.”

Frankham was first alerted to his new in-demand status when LinkedIn sent him an email talking up the number of people visiting his page. He has no plans to upgrade to a premium account.


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