Following the news that a house in the lower socio-economic Western Sydney suburb of Rooty Hill went under contract for a record sale of $1 million, the term ‘Working Class Sydney’ has been given an expiry date by Australian economists. This is the first time a home, that isn’t a development site, has sold

This is the first time a home, that isn’t on a development site, has sold on-market for more than seven figures in the suburb, nearly 40 km from the Harbour.

AFR magazine has today revealed that Sydney is just two years away from not having any properties available for both rent or purchase for blue collar families.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore says that while it is great to know that her constituents are living life to the fullest with Range Rovers and rosé, she worries that this means her ‘underdog’ status is no longer a political advantage.

“No one cares about the underdog in Sydney anymore… I’ve gotta mix it up. Maybe I’ll start rocking a fur coat over winter”

“Or maybe some satellite sunnies and active wear”

“I just hope there are enough tradesmen that have inherited properties in Sydney to help our residents renovate their houses before they flip them for 20% to overseas investors”

Former NSW Premier and now key NAB executive advisor to the re-development of Kings Cross, Mike Baird says the news that ‘working class’ is no longer a term associated with Sydney is great news for property investors and upper middle class evangelists.

“It’s great. Out of sight, out of mind” he said.

“What’d you think I was trying to do when I signed off on a new metro station just 150 metres away from two existing train stations.”

“It wasn’t about transport, it was about relocating the housing commission towers in Redfern [laughter]”

Baird says his proudest contribution to Sydney was replacing places where citizens could pay money for a beer, with places that people could pay money for a raw squeeze juice and gym memberships.

“Sorry. But even rugby league has an expiry date in this city”

“This city doesn’t belong to the Kerrigans anymore – we need to stop glamorizing the working class”

“Either aspire to be better than that or live in Taree”



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