A local man’s coffee and breaky roll combo has come in at just north of 10 bucks. This means he needs to peel another damp note off his wad of cash from yesterday’s hysterical two-up session.

After recklessly gambling all of ANZAC Day, Greg Parsons says he’s glad he didn’t drink too much. Otherwise he could have had a bad case of the grog horrors, which is the last thing he needs on top of this gambler’s hangover that is pestering him as a result of his wildly irresponsible behaviour in the two-up ring yesterday afternoon.

“I got up a couple thousand” he said.

“It was an emotional rollercoaster. Up and down, up and down”

While rushing to get to work on time, the 29-year-old commercial property leasing agent had to get some brekky on the go.

Pulling into a nearby cafe he was absolutely blown away by how much a coffee and breakky role can set you back nowadays.

“Jeez. She’s a bit steep” says the man who yesterday made three ATM runs and doubled up until he was putting $500 on heads against heavily tattooed AJs at the local RSL.

“I better treat myself though” he says.


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