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A group of local friends had their mindless Facebook scrolling abruptly halted this afternoon after a couple of rounds of beers were introduced.

The group of school friends were down enjoying a couple of schooners on a Sunday afternoon, and after the mundane ‘How was your week? Busy at work?’ style questions subsided the phones took over the conversation for a while.

Sensing the lull, after his phone ran out of battery, Steve Comino strolled off to the bar to order a double round of beers to perk things up.

“I didn’t mind too much until my phone ran out of juice, but after it did I was fucking bored,” he Comino said.

After having to make uncomfortable conversation with the good lucking bar girl due to a lack of mobile distraction, Comino returned to the group with a bang.

“All right you fucking cunts, let’s have a conversation and a bit of human interaction, aye,” Comino said, despite texting his girlfriend incessantly before his phone died.

The other blokes reportedly adhered to the request with the majority downing phones and engaging in a communal drinking session.

“Yeah, it does take a couple of beers to loosen us up these days,” said fellow phone enthusiast Josh Lao.

“But once those first couple are out of the way, we are off to the friggin races, and I am Comino will be fucking hugging me and trying to have a wrestle in no time.”


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