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A local father of four has revealed to The Advocate this morning that coming across a freshly-cleaned public toilet has been the highlight of his otherwise dull weekend.

Betoota Ponds man, Dennis Wilmott, regaled our reporters regarding his experience today at the Grey Range National Park public toilets – where he said the facilities were ‘outstanding.’

“They’re the type of public toilet you wouldn’t visit first thing on a Saturday morning if you catch me drift,” said the 28-year-old as he winked and smiled.

“But after a Peter Stuyvesant and a long black, there was no stopping me. It was either the portaloo or behind a bush,”

“However, much to my surprise, they’d been recently cleaned and I was the first bag of shit to come across it. Seriously, though. As a married man with four children, it’s the small things like this that really make life worth living.”

Dennis’ sentiments were echoed by Mayor Cr Keith Carton Esq.

Mr Carton explained to The Advocate that the shire council has been working hard to improve local infrastructure and services such as the Grey Range National Park portaloos.

“While we know what goes on there after dark and we as a council do not condone it what-so-ever, the reality of the matter is that ordinary Betootanese folk such as Mr Willmott pay rates to enjoy clean facilities,” he said.

“The cleaning crew comes through at the crack of dawn each Saturday morning because of what’s left there overnight,”

“We’re glad to receive such great feedback.”

More to come.



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