An excited batch of Tasmanians coming home from a trip in the mainland are currently lining up outside the Melbourne airport’s Krispy Kreme outlet like it’s communist Russia.

The rise of carry-on Krispy Kremes has been prevalent for Apple Islanders ever since the franchise began popping up in Australia in the late 2000s.

It appears that the Tasmanian people are yet to realise that these specific donuts are available in their home state, with the appeal of walking out of Hobart airport with a box of pastries now considered a sign of wealth and worldliness.

“It’s good to bring back a treat for the rellies” says one Tasmanian, Jacqui Abetz.

“We don’t get many nice things in Tassie. And we’ve been petitioning for years to get a couple of these stores back in Hobart”

Another local, Arthur Strahan says he’ll often ditch his entire bag of carry-on in one of the skip bins in the airport car park to make more room for donuts.

“You don’t get to go to the mainland that often. If I ditch the bag I can probably jam three full boxes in the overhead”

“That should last me until the Melbourne Cup at least”


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