A young South-East Queensland mother who has crossed the Walter Taylor Bridge twice every week for the last decade, has today reminded herself that she must figure out if there are still apartments to rent inside the iconic feat of Brisbane infrastructure.

“I must get onto that” says Rosalie Wilston (37).

“I’ve heard people live inside that bridge. I must have a look”

Built in the 1930s, the suburban bridge is unique amongst Brisbane residents as one of the last habitual bridges in Australia – with two towers of the bridge house offering residential accommodation, which were occupied until mid 2010 when the last descendants of the original tollmaster’s family moved out.

Since then different waves of university students have taken over.

Last decade, a particular incident regarding the original residents brought the spotlight to the heritage-listed accomodation, as a husky young lad who hadn’t left the apartment in quite a while had to be craned out of the building due to outgrowing the narrow stairs.

Since then, every single motorist to cross the bridge has wondered who they need to talk to, from the council or state government, to see if it is still available to live inside into the iconic inner-west Brisbane apartments.

“It shouldn’t be too hard” says Rosalie.

“I guess all you’ve got to do is ask”


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