22 January, 2016 15:35


The former editor-at-large of CollegeHumour Australia, New Yorker George Brohman (22), has been hired by The Sydney Morning Herald as the lead reporter covering the current US Election – it was confirmed today.

His writing debuted on page 16 today with a story titled “Donald Trump Is Seriously Killing it RN” – where the media commentator known as “Bro” intricately drew parallels between the presidential candidate and the former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

“Tony Abbot was always good for a LOL but Donald Trump makes us feel like we are watching the WWE. Every time he says something stupid it’s just like… Tears” wrote Brohman alongside 22 of his favourite ‘Trump Memes’ in the four thousand word synopsis of the political climate in his home country.

“Serious, serious lols. Check out the Sydney Morning Herald Instagram for some dank .Gifs”

The newspaper’s Chief Editor, Darren Goodsir said it was the first time the Herald had ever published memes and that he’s wishing he’d started doing it sooner.

“Memes were the last thing on our mind when it came to reporting on the outrageous spectacle that currently is the presidential race,”

“But I was reading up on Pedestrian.TV’s coverage and thought: ‘if these kids don’t enjoy reading news, maybe we can get them through memes’ – It’s worked for Pedestrian and Buzzfeed so we thought we’d give it a shot”

Goodsir said he’d searched far and wide for the right memetrepreneur to cover the election for SMH, and found the right candidate in the College Humour Australian stable of writers.

After relocating from New York to Australia to help set up the CollegeHumour Australia writing team, renowned party-boy George ‘Bro’ Brohman has seen plenty of success creating dank memes and sourcing hilarious viral videos.

His most recent article for CollegeHumour, “32 Things That Could Be Mistaken For Donald Trump” is what caught the attention of the SMH, who asked the CollegeHumour newsroom if they could ‘borrow’ Brohman for the next few months.

“Its just what we need,” says Goodsir.

“You can only get so far with a Peter Fitzsimons. The youth are not engaged unless they see some spicy memes,”

“I was going to hire the guys from Brown Cardigan but they always troll us for stealing their OC,”

“CollegeHumour were more than happy to oblige in lending us Brohman, all we had to do was hook up a few kegs for their office and buy them a pool table.”



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