After already seeing him last week at the Riverstage, a couple of rock-loving Boomers from up north have come down from Queensland to visit their cousin before the opera house leg.

Brothers Nathan and Carinda Petrie (59, 62) arrived in Sydney this morning and first visited their great aunt.

“We went straight to her door” says Nathan, who admits that he was literally shaking in his seat after watching the gig last week.

“Jesus Christ, from Toowoomba to Kings Cross is thirteen hours on a bus”

“Half of that would be spent in traffic in the city limits Last Christmas we visited and I didn’t think we’d get outta here by July”

Arriving to meet their cousin Roger for a drink and a bit of a smoke up before the show tonight, Carinda says he was in charge of the gifts because Nathan gets all the dumb things.

“Is your daughter here?” asks Carinda.

“What’s her boyfriend’s name again? A little too much cologne”

With the weather forecast suggesting things are going to be wet all night on the steps of the iconic Sydney Opera House, both men appear unmoved, and both were last seen riding to the train, in the pouring rain, on an Obike, to the venue door.




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