2GB broadcaster Steve Price has suggested basketballer Ben Simmons highlighted the fact that he was racially profiling at Crown Casino in order to highlight the fact that he was racially profiled at Crown Casino

During his show on Tuesday, The Project host raised the question of whether Simmons was using the Crown incident as a chance to point out that people in Australia often do get racially profiled, and that it doesn’t feel that good when it happens to you.

Steve Price also went on to point out the Simmons financed a recent documentary about the racist treatment of AFL player Adam Goodes, which he believes is being indirectly promoted by the racism he himself suffered yesterday.

“He is an executive producer of a second documentary made about the Indigenous footballer Adam Goodes, called The Australian Dream” Price said, insinuating that the Melbourne-born basketballer who just signed a $240M contract with the NBA is backing this documentary to be his cash cow.

“I wonder if this incident at the door of Crown has anything to do with a message that Ben Simmons might like to get out in America about how Australians treat people of colour?

Price is just one of many conservative mouthpieces in Australian media who have been quick to tell Ben Simmons that what he has experienced isn’t a result of racism, like they did to Adam Goodes, and like they did to Nicky Winmar.

“Racism doesn’t exist in Australia” said the radio announcer whose own colleague openly used the N-word on his breakfast show earlier this year.

His radio show then cut to a news break where they ran three consecutive stories about African teenagers doing things that teenagers usually do when unsupervised and out late, but included quotes from the Home Affairs Minister who said they should all be deported.


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