As the Murdoch family’s hysterically biased news coverage of The Indigenous Voice To Parliament continues to spread misinformation across the 80% of the nation’s media landscape served only be NewsCorp newspapers and free-to-air Sky News, the average Australian could be forgiven for thinking the upcoming referendum is nothing more than a communist plot to enslave white people and steal their homes.

Working in partnership with Peter Dutton and the Liberal Party, the Murdoch media’s key strategy to ruining the referendum has been to turn it into an election.

And with a track record of influencing every Western democratic process since the election of Margaret Thatcher, the Murdoch machine is hoping to have a bit better luck landing a punch on their Australian political rivals than they did when they made the poor decision to back the most incompetent Prime Minister since federation into a humiliating election defeat in 2022.

With a referendum based around slightly amending the wording of a constitution that very few Australians have ever read, the conservative political class are having a great time sewing doubt and skepticism amongst voters.

While swathes of angry men on social media continue to relish in the poll numbers that show the YES campaign struggling against this 24 hour saturation of misinformation about a harmless constitutional amendment, political analysts admit it’s difficult to get an accurate gauge of the public sentiment in a country where swing voting tradies no longer listen to talkback or read newspapers on worksites.

As Australia’s legacy media families and Federal Opposition continue to stoke the fires on the post-pandemic conspiracist fringe, it appears lost on the political class that for every racist online troll, there would be at least 20 blokes name Brendan and Joel who don’t know what the fuck is going on.

Local Betoota landscaper, Kizza (26) is one of these blokes.

“So what’s this voice thing all about?” he asks his mates over a few schooners at the 19th hole this afternoon.

“We gotta vote on it next week right?”

His mates, who also haven’t had their brains eroded by the anti-trans and racialised hot-button propaganda of the Murdoch media, shrug.

“Dunno” says his mate Brendan.

“Mum said it’s some shit about how politicians don’t know shit about how fucked things are for Murris and that maybe they could fix a lot of issues by having a few of them around Parliament house to tell them how fucked things are?”

“Truueee” says Kizza.

“Well there ya go”


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